Emma uses a variety of materials and skills to create wearable pieces. Ranging from traditional pieces worked in gemstones and precious metals to the more unusual involving recycled paint, fossils and found items.
Emma finds her inspiration from many sources, quite often from the origin of the raw materials she works with, nature and historical pieces. She has a wide skill set, working in gold, palladium, silver or copper, both hand fabricated and cast to create the base of her designs. These are usually complemented with champlevé enamelling, stone setting, lapidary, silk stringing, beading or felting to make up the final piece.
Emma has had her own makers mark registered with Edinburgh Assay Office for the past 10 years or so.
Bladderwrack inspired Opal Ring Ivy and Olivine Enamel Bracelet
Findings of Whitby Pendant Ancient Earrings
Quartzite and Opal Snake Bangle Sapphire, Opal and Garnet Electron Ring